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You'll find tools for managing gaming communities, posting and managing games and their schedules, adventure logs for your gaming sessions, and an ever growing database of RPG games, sourcebooks, and modules.


A project to make it easier to find RPG groups.

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LFG is a labor of love. One of the biggest problems with the RPG hobby is finding the people to play with and consistently getting games scheduled. As I explored various gaming communities, particularly ones centered around actual play podcasts, I found that in so many cases members were using Discord channels or forum threads to post game openings within a trusted, if not well known, group of people.

I wanted to make that easier, and so for almost a year, in what little time I could carve out on the weekends, I built LFG Directory. I hope you like it.

If you are curious about the technology behind LFG, you may be interested in reading our colophon.