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LFG 1.8 Released: Now with support for IRL games!

Posted on Sun 01 September 2019 • 1 min read

This week, we released version 1.8 of LFG, with support for posting and finding face-to-face games. Now, when creating a game, you can indicate if it is an online game, a play-by-post game, or local in-person game. For in-person games, you can also specify a location for the game.

Google Autocomplete box for place or address

NOTE: Only players that you have accepted into your game can see the detailed location of your game. Potential applicants can only see in which city the game is being held.

As a result, we’ve also added the abillity for you to search for games by the venue in which they are being played. If you’re searching for an IRL game, you can also specify a given maximum distance from you. This last search criteria is only avaialble if you optionally specify a home city in your profile. This is an optional feature provided for convenience, and only your friends, players in mutual games, or your fellow private community members can see which city is associated with your profile.

We hope these features will help you with finding gaming groups in your local area in addition to the online game searches we already supported.