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Featured images, improved discord sync, and more…

Posted on Sun 18 November 2018 • 1 min read

Release notes for 2018-11-18.

New Features

  • Communities can now upload an image file to serve as their logo.
  • GMs can now upload an image file to be displayed as a featured image for their game.
Game featured image

Featured image for game listing

  • For both image uploads, the user can also specify a content warning for the image if appropriate. Images with content warnings instead display the warning until the viewer clicks to reveal them.
  • Users can now easily access the Discord connection management page from the sidebar menu.
  • All Markdown enabled text fields, e.g. descriptions now appear in forms using a sophisticated but simple in-browser editor with live preview and auto save.
The Markdown editor

The text editor


  • There was an issue where the datepicker on some form would format dates that was incompatible with the server. This has been resolved
  • There was an issue when the number of games posted in a community would list an incorrect count. This is resolved.
  • Discord communities didn’t always sync on initial sign up, often waiting until the second login to do so. This has been resolved.